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Despite its not very propitious climate and grounds, the province of Ragusa is primarily an agricultural area. The hard work of generations of peasants and farmers, intense works of deforestation and reclamation over the centuries have resulted in a modern agriculture with high output and income levels. The technological development of the last years has been also fundamental to the economy.

The Valley of the Ippari river is a major agricultural area, important for the output of early fruit, vegetables, citrus fruit and flowers, and for the presence of the agricultural market of Vittoria, a precious support for the trade and marketing of the products. The hothouse cultivation, mostly located on the coast, is also worth-mentioning.

The industry, that in Sicily has only recently developed in comparison with the rest of Italy, has been played an increasingly important role, and represents today a considerable source of income and employement. The main industrial activities are those involved in processing and marketing the agricultural products. Thus, a great number of oil and flour mills, cheese, confectionery and wine factories are spread across the entire territory. The building (notably stone, asphalt, and black-stone factories), and the mining industry (oil is extracted in the area of Marina di Ragusa), have been growing rapidly.

The tourism is as much important today, at last able to take advantage of the range of archaeological, artistic and naturalistic riches of the province. Notably, the last decade has seen an outstanding growth, with the construction of new tourism facilities.


Chiaramonte Gulfi
Monterosso Almo
Santacroce Camerina


Monti Iblei
Cava D'Ispica
Castello di Donnafugata Camarina
Cava d'Aliga
Marina di Modica
Marina di Ragusa
Punta Secca
Punta Braccetto

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